19 February 2008

Together on a holiday

Let's be realistic World Showcase has never been a hot spot with children. Aside from offer some unique, and colorful architecture, a boat ride or two, and a few shows, the only thing children saw in World Showcase was a lot of walking, or boredom in a stroller. That is until the Kidcot Fun Stops began appearing.

Originally the activities presented to the children who visited the Fun Stops were generic activities that would interest children, but that had no real connection to the country they were presented in. The architecture for the Kidcot Fun Stops was authentic to the area, though on a smaller scale for the smaller guests, but the activities presented could have been from anyone’s backyard. As time went on, a shift began in the thematic elements of the Fun Stops’ activities. In Germany now children were found fashioning Edelweiss Hats, and in Italy they floated their own gondolas.

In the March 1999 issue of Family Fun, an article with six examples of the crafts found in the World Showcase Kidcot Fun Stops, which were, of course, sponsored by Family Fun. Today I present to you the Cork Trolls of Norway. Enjoy a piece of World Showcase in your home or classroom to get you through to your next trip around the World.


2 Corks
Fake Fur (Hair)
Felt, Cloth, Crepe Paper (Clothing/Hats)
Yarn, String (Belts)
4-5 Pom-Poms (Nose, Hands, Feet)
2 Googly Eyes
2 Small Bow-Tie Pasta (Ears)

Glue one cork on top of the second cork.
Glue hair, clothes, eyes, ears, belts, hands, feet, and nose in whatever style you wish with the materials listed above.
For hats, apply glue around the top half inch of the cork, affix crepe paper around cork, and twist the open end of the crepe paper. Glue a pom-pom on the top of the crepe paper.

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