21 February 2008

Daily Dose of Disney News

There is a group, headed by mainstreetmom (no relation), that daily delivers Disney news, weather, trivia, and a smattering of insight into the world of the Disney Online Community. This group, DizNews, which highlighted a recent Main Street Gazette aricle today (which truly humbled me), does a great service to us all in the community, as well as those seeking a little more understanding of the world of Disney, and it's history. Be sure to check them out, and sign up for your daily dose!


Greg said...

Congrats Ryan. I suppose this is an indicator that you have arrived at a landmark in your blogging; you are sited on another site. Again, congratulations.

Karen said...


I really enjoy your posts and follow them daily. It was my pleasure to feature your blog in the Daily Dose!

=) Karen