15 February 2008

Young Adventurers – Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

A call has been sent out to young adventurers across globe to come and learn at the feet of the original adventurer, Indiana Jones. In your travels together you will visit the ruins of an ancient temple, where you will learn the price of buried treasure, how to avoid traps, and how to get yourself out of traps you have fallen into. Your journey will take you to a Cairo marketplace, where enemies wait to stop you and Indy, by any means necessary. Be mindful of your teacher in the marketplace, you just may learn how to fight, and how to end a fight quickly. Your final stop will be an airstrip in the desert, where you are vastly outnumbered. Keep your wits about you as you fight your way to freedom. Oh, and do be sure to watch out for any open flames, they have a way of causing large fireballs. By the end of your journey with Indiana Jones, there will be no adventure you cannot tame.

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