29 February 2008

Together on a holiday - Part II

Continuing our tour of Epcot's World Showcase Kidcot Fun Stops. Today let's look at Morocco's Castanets, or qaraqib as they are called by the native Berbers. Children love to create anything that makes noise, and these music makers fit the bill. In fact, you may wish to construct them outside.


2 twist off lids (2 inches in diameter)
2 thick rubber bands (the type that holds broccoli together works best)
Tape (1 inch wide)
3 2-foot strips of ribbon (the type that you curl for presents)

Using the scissors edge (PARENT INVOLVMENT)curl the six pieces of ribbon
With a four inch section of tape, to secure rubber bands to the backs of both lids. This should also create a hinge between the two lids.
With a second strip of tape, again four inches in length, atach the pieces of ribbon at the hinge by placing the second piece of tape on top of the first piece of tape.
It is time to make some music!

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