25 February 2008

Toss down some of those cold pizza crusts

Dressed in the custodial garb of Future World, the JAMMitors are the original Stomp. Their instruments include Trash cans, dustpans, brooms, and other janitorial equipment, and their music is textbook drum corps, most likely due to the fact that every member (or substitute) of the group has extensive drum corps experience.

To trace the history, and/or lore, of the JAMMitors you have to work your way back to Disneyland in the 1970s and a man by the name of Tom Float. Tom Float has been the head drum instructor for Oakland Crusaders, Spirit of Atlanta, Blue Devils, and the Velvet Knights, among others. The story goes that while bored in a line at Disneyland he asked a janitor passing by if he could borrow his broom, and began beating away a tune. This impromptu performance would later turn into the Future Corps, Trash Can Trio, and the JAMMitors. Or so the story goes.

These days the JAMMitors are still performing and, while the do have a strict schedule to adhere to, it is not generally made public. So, if you hear some commotion while wandering around Epcot’s Future World, chances are it is these debris drummers, and they are definitely worth your time.

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