15 February 2021

The Cup That Will Transport You - Part XI

It's been well over 3 years since we've touched upon the Joffrey's coffee blends for your home brewing experience, but there hasn't been a ton of new additions to the line up in that time either. And, if we're being perfectly up front, it's been rather difficult to get Aileen to not continually crave the Alto Mayo Protected Forest. Yet, we're back today with a pair of offerings that span a new resort in Florida, before traveling all the way to Hawai'i, with results that are almost as far apart as these two locales. Let's get right to it!

Riviera Resort Blend (Dark)
Developed by our Head Roastmaster Chris De Mezzo in collaboration with Disney Chefs. This blend combines beans from Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, and Kenya to create a sweet and smoky profile with a rich aroma. Transport yourself to the elegance and glamour of Disney's Riviera Resort with every sip.

What Aileen Tastes:
Joffrey's description is on target, but misses the mark for me. The smokiness is overpowering and makes this cup of coffee very bitter. There isn't a lot of sweetness to pick up after that, but it may pair well with a sweet dessert to balance it out. I just wouldn't make it my regular morning cup of joe.

Aulani (Medium) – Begin your morning as they do at Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa. This is the coffee served in-room. A masterful blend of rich Kona coffee beans from the Big Island of Hawai'i, blended with beans from Central America. You'll find a distinctly smooth and buttery mouth-feel with mild tropical fruit flavors.

What Aileen Tastes:
This is an incredibly smooth coffee, and it hits on all of the right floral notes, as well as just a hint of almond and vanilla on the backside of each sip. If you're looking for a bright and bold coffee, with a very forward coffee flavor, this isn't the blend for you. This is one of my new favorites, no surprise given how big a fan I am of Kona coffee, and it could be very versatile, matching up with whatever meal or dessert you choose to pair it with.

Overall Cup of Disney Rankings:
– Alto Mayo Protected Forest
2 – Aulani
3 – French Bistro
4 – California Grill
 Flying Fish Espresso
– Trattoria al Forno
7 – Flying Fish
8 – Sanaa
9 – Yachtsman Steakhouse
10 – Kona Blend
11 – Artifact Blend
12 – Citricos
13 – Victoria & Albert's
14 – Narcoossee's
15 – Tusker House
16 – Jiko
17 – Artist Point
18 – French Roast
19 – Riviera Blend
20 – Le Cellier
21 – Flavors of Africa
22 – Hollywood Blend
23 – The Wave

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