11 February 2021

This Isn't Poison

AbracadaBar is filled with magic, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. There are posters from magicians hanging on the walls, each imbued with its own tinge of something mystical. Cabinets and shelves filled with magical artifacts, tools of the trade, and books on a variety of magic. Even the wallpaper has the story of illusion written all over it. With so many items clamoring for guests’ attention, it would be easy to overlook so much of what AbracadaBar has to offer, not the least of which would be the small plate and beverage offerings. Guest should take note, however, of a small vial sitting on an upper shelf of the cabinets.

There are a handful of items that relate to movies scattered throughout AbracadaBar, but this is one of the finest details to be found. The bottle has a small label affixed to it for identification. No words are on the label, only the silhouette of a llama. While it is a bit dusty, there’s no debating that this is, in fact, the Extract of Llama featured in the 2000 animated feature, The Emperor’s New Groove. Mistaken for poison that the evil sorceress Yzma wants slipped into Emperor Kuzco’s drink, beloved (and later reformed) henchman, Kronk, uses the Extract of Llama by mistake. Kuzco’s transformation, instead of his untimely demise, prompts the legendary outburst from Yzma, “What, a llama?!?! He’s supposed to be dead!”
Yzma maintains quite the collection of animal extracts, most of which have transformative properties, and they wreak havoc later on in the movie. It seems as though one may have gotten away, passed from magical hands to magical hands over the years, and has found a new home at AbracadaBar. Only time will tell if the Extract of Llama causes any more calamity.

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