19 October 2017

The Cup That Will Transport You - Part X

Were off on an adventure of sorts with today's two offerings from Joffrey's. One comes to us from a restaurant that is arguably the meal to have when you're visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom, while the other serves a multitude of guests each morning in their resort rooms. As any coffee enthusiast will note, no two coffees are the same, and these two sum that thought up perfectly. Per usual, since I am not a fan of coffee myself, we're handing the reins over to the missus (who is the best part of waking up, in my book), Aileen Sheehan-Wilson. Take it away!

Artifact Blend (Medium) – A Tiffins Brewed Coffee exclusively served at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Your visit to this unique and themed restaurant is not complete without a coffee expedition inspired by adventure. Natural Ethiopian beans are blended with spicy estate beans from the Indonesian island of Java. Together you experience fruity and floral with deep, earthy undertones, both are 100% Specialty Grade Arabica.

What Aileen Tastes:
This coffee tastes exactly as it was described. It was slightly fruity, but it definitely had earthy undertones. Basically, it made the roast very balanced and there were no powerful flavors that would overshadow the food you were eating. It tasted like a great medium roast and I felt like it would go well with spicy foods or rich desserts. This was a roast I would probably not order for my home, but would definitely have at the end of my meal at Tiffins.

French Roast (Dark) – Hand-selected blend of beans from Central & South America artfully roasted to a brown so deep it borders on black. Robustly aromatic with hints of caramel and chocolate with a beautifully smoky finish that delightfully lingers. Offered and enjoyed in-room at select hotels across Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort, and now available to enjoy at home. Let the wonderful memories come alive with each sip.

What Aileen Tastes:
Unfortunately, I did not get any of the flavors listed in the description from this roast when I tried it at home. It tasted quite acidic, without a hint of richness. I wanted to love this, and I normally enjoy French roasts, but this did nothing for me. I ended up using the whole bag, but I made it much weaker in order to reduce the acidity and slightly metallic taste. Sadly, the French Roast was not a winner, but maybe you will enjoy it as your in-room coffee when you stay on property.

Overall Cup of Disney Rankings:
– Alto Mayo Protected Forest
2 – French Bistro
3 – California Grill
 Flying Fish Espresso
– Trattoria al Forno
6 – Flying Fish
7 – Sanaa
8 – Yachtsman Steakhouse
9 – Kona Blend
10 – Artifact Blend
11 – Citricos
12 – Victoria & Albert's
13 – Narcoossee's
14 – Tusker House
15 – Jiko
16 – Artist Point
17 – French Roast
18 – Le Cellier
19 – Flavors of Africa
20 – Hollywood Blend
21 – The Wave

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