26 October 2015

Live Oaks and Wild Sea Oats

Later this week we’ll be heading down to Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, a favorite home away from home of our family. Something about the low county fishing lodge, nestled among the oaks and Spanish Moss on its own private island, really speaks to us. Of course, the stories of the resort are many. There is the story of Shadow’s arrival to the resort. B’lou is a fount of tales from the island and low country. And then there are the names and signage found all throughout the resort: Big Murggie, Edmunds, Michael & Michael’s, etc.

The stories of the resort started long before the resort even opened. In 1995, prior to the resort’s March 1996 grand opening, Disney sent out brochures to prospective members of the Disney Vacation Club. Being this far along in the construction process allowed Disney to present a piece of concept art for the Live Oak Lodge that was spot on, even if it ventured a little off course with the breed of dog that would become Shadow. This was also Disney’s first opportunity to introduce potential guests to some of the resorts characters. A letter presented on the first page is from Royce Edmunds, and he begins to set the stage for all that was to take place at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, and entice vacationers to come and play. It read as follows: 
Over a century ago, my Great Grandpa Thaddeus embarked on his quest for the perfect vacation home site. He finally located an “island paradise” whose banks were lined with natural sand dunes, live oaks and wild sea oats.
Generations later, my family still vacations on Hilton Head Island. I’m partial to golf, and luckily for me the island is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. The kids never tire of biking along the paths or going crabbing for their supper. And my wife and I cherish our romantic strolls under the moonlight.
Whether it’s the dolphins frolicking just off shore or the snow white egrets gliding across the clear blue sky, you have to experience the unique sights and sounds of the Low Country first-hand to truly appreciate it. Now that Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is here, we have plenty of room for all of our friends and family. The natural beauty of Great Grandpa’s paradise hasn’t changed much over the years. I invite you to come see for yourself.
Royce Edmunds
Paints quite the picture, huh? It doesn’t matter which story you find at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, or how you stumble upon it. What matters is that there are plenty of stories for everyone to discover there!

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Go said...

Enjoy your stay! Halloween weekend saw some great weather here on the island.