14 November 2013

Fishin' Lies

We talked about Shadow, the four legged resident of Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort before, but let’s really get into her story a little bit better today.

Shadow found her way to Longview Island during the construction of the resort. The golden retriever pup found her way underfoot of the construction crew, making a mess and tripping up the crew while they were busy working away on the project. Because of her ability to get under the crew member’s feet, and because of the fact that only her shadow would be seen darting around a corner after she had knocked some bucket of supplies over, the construction workers lovingly named her Shadow. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that once you started cleaning up her mess, Shadow would come over and lick you on the face as a thank you for helping her get out of trouble.

As construction moved along, all of the construction workers assumed that this cute little pup belonged to one of the Disney personnel or to one of the other construction workers. The crew would have dinners on the island every so often, much like a cross between the Edmund’s Family Low Country Boil and a cook-out you would have with your friends and coworkers, and Shadow would dine like a queen on those evenings. The day finally came when it was time for Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort to have its grand opening, and Shadow had become such a part of the resort at that point, that no one had the heart to remove her from the island she had made her home.

Shadow is the only live animal mascot for any Walt Disney World resort, although I reckon Minnie Moo was a close second when she was alive and moseying around Fort Wilderness, and has been at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort longer any other Cast Member there. You can learn more about Shadow, her story of how she got there and other tales, from B’Lou Crabbe at the weekly Shadow’s Tales with B’Lou in Big Murggie’s Den. If you stop by be sure to rub her belly, Shadow loves that, and ask B’Lou about what happens when the two of them head out on the boat for their plug inspection.

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