28 November 2013

By the Captain of the Guard

I talk a lot, and I know it is a lot, about pavements in and around Walt Disney World. We’ve explored the difference between the original flat walkways of the Magic Kingdom and the storytelling emphasis that has been placed on the ground beneath guests’ feet. Tire treads, peanut shells, and animal prints are just some of the ways that Imagineers have come up with to use the pathways to help sell the story. Now, they’ve even gone and one-upped themselves, or should I say they’ve taken another step forward in their story telling?

No longer are the prints of horseshoes enough to tell the story of the bygone days of America, or how the circus carts arrived in Storybook Circus. Of course, these prints do belong to a pretty spectacular horse. These prints were made by none other than Maximus, the Captain of the Guard’s horse from Tangled. Arguably, one of the film’s main stars, who steals the show without ever actually speaking a word, though his neighs and snorts do help him get his point across.

I’m sure it is obvious by now, but Maximus’ horseshoe prints can be found near the Snuggly Duckling restrooms on the border between Fantasyland and Liberty Square. While it is completely clear as to why he would be trotting around these parts, and a case could be made that attentive guests could puzzle out who’s prints these are without the name placed in the horseshoe, the addition of the name makes the story very clear to each and every guests who takes the time to look beneath their own hooves, err…, feet.

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