24 November 2013

Disney This Week - 24 November 2013

This WeekOn the Main Street Gazette

We spoke from the heart about the closing of Sid Cahuenga's One-of-a-Kind.

There was some Muppet business going on at the front gates to Disney-MGM Studios.

We grabbed a seat at Boatwright's Dining Hall for a delicious dinner.

A little background was given about Morocco's Fez House.

Silent Saturday was spent admiring Rosie's Victory Garden.

This WeekAround the Disney Blogosphere

The 1989 Walt Disney World Resort Vacation Handbook uncovered by George Taylor for Imaginerding sets my heart aflutter, particularly the artwork!

AJ Wolfe has the Disney chef in your life in mind when she presented her guide to Disney cookbooks on The Disney Food Blog.

Even a bad situation can be fun at Walt Disney World, as Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley reminds us in Mouse on the Mind.

Melissa Knight Coulter and Estelle Hallick chatted about The Boys, the documentary about the Sherman Brothers. You can find Part I at This Happy Place Blog and Part II at Disney On Wheels.

Fantasy in Flight, Beautifully Disney’s Tink inspired line, is broken down by Nicole Siscaretti for Sparkly Ever After.

Sarah Holodick whips up a Brown Elephant, an Outpost favorite from the 2013 International Food and Wine Festival, at the home base of Eating WDW.

The history of the motion simulator attraction is covered by Sam Gennawey at Samland.

This WeekWorld News Roundtable

Roundtable Contributors: Alan Mize and Blake Taylor (BlakeOnline.com).

Give That Button a Squeeze

Alan Mize 

In a move that should finally close the shutter on Kodak, Disney has announced a deal where Nikon will become the official camera of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Parks.  This partnership will see previous Kodak photo spots rebranded to Nikon photo spots.  In addition, all Disney PhotoPass photographers and Disney Fine Art photographers will be equipped with Nikon photography equipment.

This move ends an almost eleven month period where Disney had no official camera sponsor. Honestly, I had almost given up on the idea of Disney naming a new official camera partner.  In the age of smartphones, many guests simply use their phones to take pictures of their vacation.  And even those guests that do have a higher technology digital camera probably aren’t going to have their equipment choice swayed by a corporate sponsor, so I fail to see the reasoning behind this decision from Nikon.  It made sense for Kodak to get in the parks because there was an almost steady flow of guests needing to buy a roll of film, but the days of running out of film mid-vacation are gone.  On the other hand, I guess it’s always a good move to have your name prominently displayed at a location that is visited by millions of people each year.  And for Disney, sponsorship money is money that they don’t have to spend out of their own pocket so perhaps it is a win/win situation.

Re-Viewing Disneyland

Blake Taylor (BlakeOnline.com) 

The View broadcast live from Disneyland last week, and lucky for fans of the Mouse, all of the Disney-centric segments are available to watch online individually at ABC.com/TheView. From John Lasseter giving Whoopi a tour of Cars Land, Demi Lovato performing "Let It Go" from Frozen, and interviews with special Disney-connected actors like Kurt Russell and Tim Allen are among the fun highlights.

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