17 November 2013

Disney This Week - 17 November 2013

This WeekOn the Main Street Gazette

This week we spent time north of Walt Disney World exploring Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort.

 Without a park to funnel guests to, we pondered if there was enough to bring guests back to Hilton Head time after time.

Trudging through the history books, we talked about the brief history of Longview Island .

Dining at Tide Me Over, Signals, and the Endmund's Family Low Country Boil can be a real treat.

How Shadow came to reside at the resort is a truly interesting tail, err... tale!

Silent Saturday found a nice place to relax with a view of the Fishing Pier from a hammock.

This WeekAround the Disney Blogosphere

FoxxFur has spent seven years working away at Passport to Dreams Old & New and I for one cannot wait to see what she finds in the next leg of her journey.

If I say the words "1970s" and "Walt Disney World," do you automatically think of George Taylor and Imaginerding like I do?

AJ Wolfe has the latest on Walt Disney World gingerbread on The Disney Food Blog.

One of the readers of Imagineering Disney is creating a Splash Mountain model that is a true work of art, and thanks to Mitch for sharing it with us!

Sarah Holodick has great look at alternative Thanksgivings in Eating WDW.

Melissa Knight Coulter knows that not every cheese danish is made the same, and puts them together in a throwdown for Disney On Wheels

This WeekWorld News Roundtable

As I am a few weeks behind, so too are the stories from the contributors. They sent some of these in to me weeks ago, and I am just now getting to post their work. Any outdated news is purely my fault, not theirs. Enjoy!

Roundtable Contributors: Estelle Hallick (This Happy Place Blog), Alan Mize, and Blake Taylor (BlakeOnline.com).

Playing it Cool

Alan Mize 

Earlier this week, Club Cool inside Epcot unveiled their newest flavors.  While one “fan favorite” hung around, every other flavor is new to the Club Cool experience.  The new lineup includes: Fanta Pineapple, VegitaBeta, Melon Frosty, Bibo, Sparberry, Guarana Kuat, and Inca Kola.  Last, but definitely not least, the lone holdover is of course, Beverly.

I think it was high time that this change occurred.  Recent trips inside Club Cool showed that many of the flavors were always “out of service” so you were only able to sample one or two flavors.  Personally, I’m looking forward to sampling the Fanta Pineapple and the Bibo.  Also, the Inca Kola apparently tastes like bubblegum which definitely sounds interesting.  By rolling out all new flavors, hopefully guests will be able to experience all eight flavors during their visits and experience a different side of Coca Cola than they’re used to. 

Not the Osborne

Blake Taylor (BlakeOnline.com) 

There's a new surprise hidden within the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights this year at Disney's Hollywood Studios: Baby Sinclair, the eccentric infant from the ABC's extinct sitcom Dinosaurs. Baby Sinclair observes guests from a Streets of America window and is among many of the fun hidden items throughout the Osborne Lights display. It's small touches like this or new music selections that gives the Osborne Lights fresh fun year after year. It's quite possible that the Baby Sinclair figure used here is the same prop used years ago for the Dinosaurs street show that performed at "Disney-MGM Studios" back when the show still aired on ABC. I'm the baby, gotta love me!

Lounging at the Derby

Estelle Hallick (This Happy Place Blog) 

Living in an expensive city and still wanting to go out once in awhile, small bites and drinks are kind of my go-to when it comes to being social. Even though I'd rather see improvements to old attractions, I love that Disney is incorporating these small eateries into the park experience. That being said, I'm very excited about the lounge opening up at the Brown Derby! I haven't been to this restaurant in years (price? not in DHS much at night?) so it would be nice to have a little bit of the experience but without the fluff.

Great move!

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