21 November 2013

A Home is One's Castle

In Epcot’s Morocco there is a conscious effort to make sure the old world and new world live in balance and harmony. The borders between the two, much as you would find in any city of Morocco, is where the gates of the cities tend to reside. With all of the hustling and bustling of these towns, you would think it would be difficult to have a home to rest in. Of course, this dilemma was settled years ago, and is why the Fez House has been included as part of the Morocco pavilion in World Showcase.

“Fez House is inspired by the traditional Moroccan home. Built around a central courtyard, the home provides privacy by closing rooms off from the city streets. Within the courtyard, residents enjoy a quiet retreat from the outside world.

“This style of dwelling was developed in the 14th century during the reign of the Merinids Dynasty.”

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