24 June 2013

Produce From Around the World

Walt Disney World has gotten into a lot of food businesses in the past couple of years. Aside from the ton of restaurants, from snack carts all the way up to fine dining, that they menu plan, prep, and serve out of each day, there are other avenues that they have been pursuing. Food trucks made their Downtown Disney debut recently, and in 2011 Disney Parks began serving up its own wines. A recent display in the greenhouses of Living with the Land got me thinking about what other dishes Disney is thinking of serving up!

In a turn of the greenhouse you can find staggered rows of millet, wheat, amaranth, and hops. All of these ingredients, in one form or another, can be used in the brewing of beer. With the knowledge that most of the foodstuffs cultivated in the greenhouses are shared with the restaurants of Epcot, the obvious question is where could the brewable crops end up? Fife and Drum in front of The American Adventure? Sure. Germany’s Bier window? Why not.  I think there are several places in Epcot, or even in the larger Walt Disney World, that would be perfect for this type of product.

The 2013 International Food & Wine Festival would be the perfect place to see some Disney brews crop up. Aside from the obvious Craft Beers marketplace, the Florida Fresh kiosk is also making a return to the festival and it would be terrific place to highlight these Epcot grown ingredients. Aside from the hops and friends that have begun sprouting up inside The Land, Florida has so many great crops at could be utilized in the brewing process. In fact, almost everything needed for a beer could be found inside the state of Florida to make a completely Floridian product that has its basis in Epcot.

An Epcot cultivated Florida brew in the Florida Fresh marketplace would be an amazing addition to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, but so a Disney crafted beer elsewhere in Epcot. While nothing is for certain, and a lot of this is speculation based off of a single bend in the greenhouses of Living with the Land, I can’t help but let my mind wander with the possibilities. Disney already has its own named wines available in Italy, isn’t it about time that the classic adult beverage of choice finally comes home to Epcot?

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Anonymous said...

Drinking a beer on Living with the Land, made from the Land's plants?!?

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