03 June 2013

Golden Sun

Often times when we think of the magical times of day at Walt Disney World we think about the lighting on Cinderella Castle at night or the neon of Hollywood Boulevard. Generally we look straight to the parks for inspiration and find it after the moon has risen and the lamppost have flickered on. However, there are other places and times to look to. Specifically, the resorts at sunset.

Some of us, and I am including myself in this group, look at the resorts we call home for our various stays as no more than places to shower and catch a few winks before heading out on another adventure. Then there are others who see the resorts as the destination and the parks as the diversion, and they tend to linger by the pool all day. When speaking about planning your day, particularly for families with children, we often spout the standard line about taking advantage of the pool in the high heat of the afternoon for rest and relaxation. This advice will, more often than not, will have families leaving just as the sun is setting on Walt Disney World.

Just as the parks truly shine at night, the magical time for the resorts is at sunset. The long shadows and the bright flares of sun against the eaves and trees of the resorts make the colors and angles of the architecture pop. Add in the fact that so often the resorts have water on its borders or running throughout the guest quarters, water that can look as if it is on fire when the sun catches it right, and you have all the makings of incredible views when you take the time to stop and look. Not to mention, as the sun sets the temperatures begin to cool down, giving guests the perfect atmosphere with which to explore the resorts.

Resorts are often touted for their well-appointed rooms, scrumptious food, and elaborate pools. We swoon over the execution of carefully executed themes, but how often do we really take the time to study these resorts in all the hours of the day? Florida has always been home to some of the most amazing sunsets anywhere, but how often do we stop to admire the beauty that comes with the sunset, even when we’re on vacation?

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