25 June 2013

21 Days of EPCOT Center

If you are Disneyland, the grandfather of all Disney theme parks, what do you do when a youngster with new ideas of what could make a theme park bursts onto the scene? How do you respond, with your stories from wild frontiers and classic film tales brought to life, to messages of a global community and the future of technologies across a wide range of fields? Simple, you find a way to celebrate the park’s uniqueness with your own guests and Cast Members!

That’s precisely what Disneyland decided to do in 1982 when EPCOT Center opened its turnstiles to the world in October of that year. Not only was the grand opening of EPCOT Center showcased, presented by CBS on a tape delay in the Lincoln Theatre, so too were the dedications of individual EPCOT Center pavilions.

For as simple an idea as this was, even back in 1982, and as simple as this advertisement for the events, I can’t help but love this flyer!


The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...
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The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

love... love... love! just wish there were a way to transport myself back to the opening days of epcot center! what I wouldn't give to ride horizons, world of motion original journey into imagination, and the wonders of life attractions again!!. but how cool that they broadcast the opening of epcot throughout disneyland park!!

Rich T. said...

Thank you!!! Disneyland nut though I am, I did not know about this. I guess in '82, I should have stopped griping about Fantasyland being closed and paid more attention to what was going on at Lincoln's place!