19 June 2013

In a Bread Cone

I have waited a long time to write these words down, but here they are:  Handwiches have returned to Walt Disney World. Sure, they’re not being called Handwiches by name, but place any sandwich type filling into a cone-shaped bread container and serve it at Walt Disney World, and longtime enthusiasts of the Vacation Kingdom are going to call it a Handwich.

Today, however, let’s put the history of the Handwich aside and focus on what is being dished up at Walt Disney World these days.

Last year the Handwich concept returned to Disney California Adventure in the form of conewiches from the Cozy Cones in Cars Land in two varieties a chili and a chicken cone. Earlier this year, the cone sandwiches made their way to Walt Disney World, but not to one of the parks. Instead, Downtown Disney’s Marketplace Snacks added the Chili Cone Queso and the Meatball Cone to their menu. We ordered up the Chili Cone Queso conewich, as it can be found on either coast.

The spiral cone had an almost pretzel like consistency to it, but was just your typical white bread. It seemed a bit doughy to me, and I’ve for the cones to have a bit more of a toasted element to it, but as a vehicle for the portable meal it works just fine. The chili is meaty and the hearty basis for the entire dish. It had a decent bit of heat from the spices in the chili, but nothing overpowering. A layer of corn chips add a hefty crunch and the slivers of cheddar can get melty and mixed in with the chili to make a gooey mess of deliciousness.

The cones are served in a cup, making them easy to eat as if they were soup in a bread bowl. However, if you’d like to eat them on the go as a portable sandwich, you may have to wait a while, as they are piping hot when they are handed over.

Whether you want to call them cone sandwiches, conewiches, or opt for the historical moniker of Handwiches, the Chili Cone Queso at Marketplace Snacks has a lot to offer. I only hope this is the beginning of a resurgence of Handwiches throughout Walt Disney World with new options popping into the hands of guests in parks and resort all over the Vacation Kingdom!

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Rich T. said...

It's great that these are on both coasts now -- I'm hoping the meatball version makes its way to Cars Land!