23 June 2013

Disney This Week - 23 June 2013

This WeekOn the Main Street Gazette

Stars Wars has so much conceptual work to offer up as previews for guests, so why do we only have one bulletin board from Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace?

The 1975 refurbishment of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Voyage was a work of art and art, and we have the pictures to prove it!

They may not call it a Handwich, but the Chili Cone Queso fulfills the Handwich promise.

The World News Roundtable sits down with some Starbucks, and also talks about the Disney photo app, early screenings of Monsters University, and Girl Meets World.

We marvel at an artifact from The Rocketeer's South Seas Club.

Silent Saturday gives us a glimpse into the years gone by with the Twin Rivers Bend marker from the Rivers of America.

This WeekAround the Disney Blogosphere

Sam Gennawey talks the Exceptional, Acceptable, and Regrettable of Epcot at SamLand’s Disney Adventures.

AJ Wolfe has some food news from Downtown Disney at The Disney Food Blog as food trucks and Italian ice make their debut.

My favorite refurbishment wall of all time, from the Haunted Mansion’s 2007 refurbishment, is covered by Estelle Hallick for This Happy Place Blog.

FoxxFur completes her epic tour of Country Bear Jamboree music on Passport to Dreams Old & New.

Eating WDW knows just how to celebrate National Onion Ring Day, as Sarah Holodick gives you a whirlwind tour of Onion Rings in Walt Disney World.

Melissa Knight Coulter offers up a few ways to beat the Walt Disney World heat for Disney on Wheels.

Readers of the Disney Hipster Blog received a tour of the Walt Disney – Tishman African Art Collection courtesy of Adam and Andrew.

Richard Tobin dishes on one of my favorite extinct modes of transportation, the keelboats, for Mouse Troop.

Have you ever lamented not making a Walt Disney World souvenir purchase? KJ from Plus the Magic shares her story of EPCOT Center glassware woe!

This WeekThe Gazette Out and About

We will be having Disney Post-It this week, but the date and time will be a surprise as I will be in and out of evening meetings all week. Keep up with the Main Street Gazette's Twitter account for the announcement of when we'll be having a weekly group giggle and insight session!

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