03 April 2013

Tutti Frutti

I am a big proponent of not necessarily following the rules of what is breakfast, lunch, and dinner when I’m on vacation. As many of you know, in Disney’s Hollywood Studios this takes the form of grabbing a cupcake from Starring Rolls immediately after our first ride on Toy Story Midway Mania. Perhaps, however, you want to stick to the more traditional breakfast foods and save the cupcakes for later in the day. Starring Rolls has you covered too.

Okay, so the Fruit Tart is still sweet, but it does conform to the more traditional breakfast standards. For starters, look at this mountain of fruit piled atop the tart. Yes, you do see mandarin oranges, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. The kid of shimmer, don’t they? That is because they have been covered with a thin glaze of simple syrup. While I wouldn’t say this amount of fruit is comparable to a fruit cup, it certainly is more than you would expect on your average tart.

What’s buried beneath that fruit you ask? Let’s start with the base. It is a shortbread that is flaky and buttery. It is very thick and dense, of course you wouldn’t expect something light and airy to be able to maintain its shape against all that filling, now would you? On the inside of the crust, the shortbread is coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate. It is noticeable, but really is only there to help shore up the shortbread against the filling.

As for the filling, we’ve sampled this dish a couple of times and the innards of the Fruit Tart have changed a bit. On multiple occasions we have had it served as a whipped cream base and other times as a custard base. The whipped cream is thick and light, but very sweet. Meanwhile, the custard is rich and stiff. The custard is sweet as well, but mildly so and lets the vanilla shine through. The custard, in my opinion, is the most suitable filling for the breakfast standard, but the chefs at Disney’s Hollywood Studios don’t consult me on these matters. (Not that they should.)

Cupcakes are perfectly reasonable breakfast dishes, when you are on vacation. However, even I understand the need for something more substantial in the mornings. If you want to break away from potatoes, bacon, and bread but not venture completely over the cupcake side of vacation breakfasting, Starring Rolls ha the perfect answer with their Fruit Tart.

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Vicki Murphy said...

Thank you for the great review. While I fully support a cupcake for breakfast while on holiday, the butterfinger cupcake last time actually gave me the "sugar shakes". This seems like a great alternative.