26 April 2013


When Be Our Guest opened to the public in late 2012, there is a great big hullabaloo about the fact that it was going to serve alcohol. Since the park opened in 1971, the argument stated, there had never been alcohol available for consumption inside the Magic Kingdom. I guess the ‘consumption’ part is the key to the entire situation, because there has always been alcohol tucked away in the quiet corners of the park. Let’s explore, shall we?

Let’s start out in Tomorrowland, where the robotic servant has whipped up a batch of cocktails for parched guests who have just survived a harrowing journey through Space Mountain. This friendly fellow arrived in 2009 after a lengthy refurbishment of the attraction. After a bit of a stink was raise about the content of the glasses, though what specifically they held was never actually revealed, although all signs seem to point towards a martini of sorts, it was given the appearance of a more family-friendly Kool-Aid type beverage.

After a hard day in the mines, it is clear the folks of Frontierland have to have a beer or something stronger to wash away the day. Tumbleweed, the town in which Big Thunder Mountain is set, features the features the Gold Dust Saloon and there is another just down the road in the diorama that comprises the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade.

The saloons, however, are just empty taverns without something to serve if they aren’t stocked up, and you can find crates of spirits all throughout Frontierland. Whiskey can be found all throughout the land, including in the supplies for the Big Thunder Mining Company and stashed along a dock on Tom Sawyer Island. My personal favorite would have to be the Irish Blend known as O’VERDIGUMS. Think about it for a minute, it’ll come to you.

Of course, the biggest wretched hive of drunkards is Adventureland. It is out with the whiskey and in with the rum in this land. There are plenty of examples of rum casks scatter all over Caribbean Plaza, but this ridiculously enormous barrel that is part of the set decor for Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial really says all that needs to be said about pirates and rum, and I right?

That being said, pirate rum isn’t the only adult beverage to be found inside Adventureland. Down the winding lane a bit you’ll find the Swiss Family Treehouse. Tucked away in the rafters, for that special occasion or the day when Ernst is just being, well, Ernst, is something special for mama and papa. I imagine we’d all need a nip of brandy every once in a while if we were trapped on an island with our families with no idea when, or if, we’d be rescued.

There are plenty of other spirits to be found all throughout the Magic Kingdom, if you know where to look and listen (I’m looking at you Sam Clemens and your crack about the Haunted Mansion!). I know the actual serving of alcohol inside the Magic Kingdom is a serious discussion, and one we may touch upon one day soon, but for now I hope we can all loosen up and have a little fun. These are great details that help set the scene and create a true sense of who lives in these magical lands. Because, trust me, a sober pirate is no fun at all!

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Rich T. said...

Wonderfully done! And let's not forget what caused Dumbo to see "Pink Elephants" and take his first flight (and he was a minor!) :)