30 April 2013

Motion Picture History

In recent years, special occasions have been bringing back nights where Hollywood Boulevard is lit up by the cackle and shimmer of fireworks. Of course, the view on those nights isn’t exactly what it once was.

This photograph is from 1990 and shows the immensely popular Sorcery in the Sky, the original nighttime spectacular for Disney-MGM Studios. Narrated by Vincent Price, the show featured selections from film scores, including Star Wars, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz and other favorites that could be found in some capacity inside The Great Movie Ride, synced up to special lighting effects and firework displays. During a section dedicated to Walt Disney’s dream, Fantasia, an inflatable Sorcerer Mickey swelled up atop the theater’s roof. Oh, and did I mention that the Rocketeer even made special flights during shows in 1991?

The show was replaced in 1998 by Fantasmic!, but the original spectacular is forever etched into the memories of those who experienced it. It may not be the same show with the same poignant lighting elements when it is seen today, but it is good to know that Sorcery in the Sky has not completed disappeared from the landscape and showmanship of Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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