05 September 2012

The shelf scene was getting humdrum

It’s rare that I serve up an item from Walt Disney World that isn’t delicious or perfect to fit into a certain type of meal dynamic, such as feeding that picky eater. However, I’ve realized that if I don’t pass on the meals that haven’t been great, then I have left the door wide open for someone else to a dish that is subpar. With that in mind, I want to head down to the Main Street Bakery this morning for a breakfast offering that doesn’t quite hit it out of the park.

I love banana bread and I love bread pudding, so when I saw that the Main Street Bakery offered up a Banana Bread Pudding, I got very, very excited. Each serving of the pudding is cooked and served individually and has the appearance of an oversized muffin or cupcake that has been dusted with powdered sugar. This preparation makes the outer crust, the layer outside of the ramekin, thick and crunchy, so much so that it this portion of the Banana Bread Pudding was almost inedible and it was a fight just to cut into it with my plastic knife.

Once past this outer shell, the steaming blend of banana bread pudding was pretty tasty. It had the sweetness you’d expect, along with the pieces of banana and the hint of cinnamon. Unlike other bread puddings around Walt Disney World, the interior of this pudding doesn’t really have distinguishing components, but is rather a large cup of sweet, gooey mush.

I may be spoiled by Sunshine Seasons’ Croissant Berry Bread Pudding, but between the not-so-edible shell and somewhat redeeming concoction filling, I’m not the biggest fan of the Banana Bread Pudding from the Main Street Bakery. If you happen upon the bakery and think this looks just too good to pass up, by all means give it a shot. For my Main Street breakfast though, I’ll be sticking with the Cinnamon Roll.

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JT said...

Sounds really great until you get to the middle. Thanks for sharing...I don't like the texture of "mush" so I will not make a mistake with this one.