26 September 2012

Rich and sweet

I’ve come to expect cupcakes from Starring Rolls that are monuments to Hollywood, that is big, flashy, and full of style! Starring Rolls has become my go to spot for top tier cupcakes, so when I saw that they were offering a new cupcake when I was there a couple of weeks ago, I was ready to jump in!

When you hear the words ‘carrot cake’ and ‘Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ you automatically think of the Carrot Cake Cookie from Writer’s Stop, but Starring Rolls is now offering up its own version with the Carrot Cupcake. I was a bit taken aback by the Mickey confetti sprinkles, but the candied pecans were more than enough to help me overcome my trepidation.

The pecans add the perfect amount of chewy and crunchy texture and bittersweet to the Carrot Cupcake. The frosting that holds the pecans on is two-toned, white and orange, cream cheese frosting. It is rich and creamy, though not as smooth as I would have liked. The sprinkles are fine, but I could most certainly do without them. My only assumption is that the sprinkles are utilized so that the Cast Members can tell the Carrot Cupcake apart from other cupcakes that are similar in appearance.

The carrot cake base of the Carrot Cupcake is dry and uninspired. I can tell all of the classic elements of carrot cake are present, but it just doesn’t seem to have anything that calls your attention to it and leaves a lasting impression. Starring Rolls’ Carrot Cupcake could do with the recipe for the Carrot Cake Cookies, using their cake as the basis for the cupcake.

I hope everyone taking part in the Cupcake Crawl being put on by The Disney Food Blog has a great time this weekend. However, when you get to Starring Rolls, may I recommend a cupcake other than the Carrot Cupcake? Say, perhaps, a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake!

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