18 September 2012

Gateway to Scandinavia


"This 58,000-square-foot, picturesque village of shops and restaurants will join 10 other nations at World Showcase in EPCOT Center in June 1988. It will include an exciting ride-through travel adventure in its location between the Mexico and China Showcases. It will focus on Norway’s exciting past and as a modern industrial nation.

Its major attraction will take guests on a fantasy voyage aboard 16 passenger Viking ships from a modern village, up a white-water rapids and into a 10th-century Viking village. Here a magical spirit casts a spell as voyagers embark on a thrilling ride past the edge of a roaring waterfall, through a rocky passageway to the North Sea and into the midst of a fierce ocean storm before the vessel docks safely at a small fishing village.

Other features include a wide-screen film tour of modern Norway, a 200-seat Smorgasbord-style restaurant, a sidewalk-cafe bakery and shops featuring authentic Scandinavian merchandise."

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