17 September 2012

Just a few of my favorites

Often times we talk about taking our time when we walk through the parks and really noticing the little details that surround us. Occasionally, however, we are hurried along by family or a queue that refuses to wait for those of us who’d like to be slowpokes.

This is often the case with The Great Movie Ride, where the queue rushes guests into the theater, passing by several display cases housing items from great women in film history, and into one of two lines snaking their way to the awaiting ride vehicles. Even if guests happen to catch a glimpse of the exhibits, it is highly unlikely that they ever have the time to truly appreciate some of the gorgeous nooks and crannies that are scattered throughout the attraction, from the entrance gate to the lighting fixtures. For those of you who may have never had the pleasure, here are some great corners to enjoy the next time you head into the movies!

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