25 September 2012

It's a sponge cake

The 15th anniversary of Walt Disney World, most commonly known by the name of its special stage show, 15 Years of Magic, had plenty of unique displays, parades, shows, and giveaways. Events were held throughout 1986 and 1987. Earlier in 1986, EPCOT Cetner welcomed its first guests to the amazing underwater world and exhibits of The Living Seas. A joint celebration that could embrace the new and revel in the resort’s past was inevitable.
While no candles, or flares, were lit in the watery habitats, there was a giant cake placed for all the guests and fish to see! Aesthetically pleasing to guests, I was one of the many children who thought the faux cake looked delicious and wished I could have a piece, this cake was truly for the fishes. If asked, Cast Members informed guests that this special treat was, in fact, a sponge cake. While groan-worthy, it is these little jokes for a celebration that takes place property-wide that I miss!

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