18 April 2012

Meat can be neat

The menu listing of Beef Nachos served with Black Bean Salsa doesn’t exactly make you want to run out to the Magic Kingdom and sprint over to Tortuga Tavern, does it? But let me elucidate on why this entree should be on your list of Disney eats for an upcoming trip.

For starters, the Beef Nachos shouldn’t be listed in the entree section of the menu, but given that it’s not really a side dish either, I can understand its alignment with full-portion items than the sides. That isn’t to say that the Beef Nachos don’t provide a meal sized serving, they do, but that isn’t where they really thrive. Where they truly shine is as an accompaniment to the other options available to Tortuga Tavern. Placing a plate of the nachos in between two to four guests who are also occupied with their burritos or taco salads, the Beef Nachos offer a different taste in the same flavor spectrum of southwest/south of the border.

The chips are crisp, though nothing to whoop and holler over, the beef is ground and seasoned, and there is a cheese sauce that is sure to stick to anything that it comes into contact with. Is it the best thing for you? No. Is it a must have each and every trip to Walt Disney World? No. But it is fun and the Black Bean Salsa is awesome! A mixture of black bean, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and corn, the salsa is fresh, crunchy, and has the ability to mix and match textures without being overwhelming or distracting.

This is not a hot dog from Casey’s Corner or a turkey leg in Frontierland, but it is a tasty dish that is perfect for sharing with family and friends when gabbing a bite to eat at The Faithful Bride,… err… Tortuga Tavern!

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