24 April 2012

Every single shot we take

VOICES OF PAST Disney motion pictures are reunited with TV host Mike Douglas, left, during videotaping of Mike Douglas Show at Walt Disney World. Others pictured are from left, Scatman Crothers, the voice of Scat Cat in the Aristocats; Adriana Caselotti, the voice of Snow White; Clarence Nash, voice of Donald Duck; and Sterling Holloway, voice of Winnnie the Pooh and other characters. Behind each guest is the famed Disney character as it appears today. Mike, himself, was the singing voice of Prince Charming in the movie Cinderella. Five 90-minute shows were being taped during the week of January 26 for national telecast in February.
The above photograph from January of 1976 sure packs some star power, huh? However, it should come as no surprise to anyone that what really drew me into this picture is the GAF Photo Trail Sign that standing in the background. Positioned at the corner of Pinocchio Village Haus and the Tournament Tent, this sign designates the exact spot where a picture perfect photo could be staged. Think Kodak Picture Spots, but a much earlier version of the concept.

We talked more about the GAF Photo Trail back in 2009. You can read that article here: GAF Photo Trail 

Back to the main subject of the photograph, these amazing actors and actress have brought to life some of the most amazing characters in the Disney canon, and it is nice to see everyone back home in the Magic Kingdom, specifically in Fantasyland. The 1970’s Snow White, Scat Cat and Winnie the Pooh with the hunny pot on his head are the true gems of this line up. Considering the only Aristocat seen these days is Marie and that both Snow and Pooh have been updated, it wonderful to see this vintage interpretations of the characters.

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