27 April 2012

A guaranteed cure

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to roast some marshmallows or create some s’mores, there really is no better spot than the campfire show held in the Meadows area of Fort Wilderness. This is especially true if you like to have a sing-a-long to go along with your gooey treats! While the wagon advertises every sort of miracle cure you can think of, it’s who this set-up belongs to that is really intriguing.
To uncover the proprietor of these shame remedies, you have to venture around the back of the stage to see the backside of the wagon. The name listed is Doctor Terminus. Doc Terminus was the scheming charlatan in the 1977 live action, animated hybrid film, Pete’s Dragon. Taking place in the town of Passamaquoddy, a term which Terminus has an incredible amount of trouble remembering, the film follows the antics of a small boy and his friendly dragon, Elliot. Of course, once the Doc finds out about the dragon he must have him for his wild designs. It should go without saying that his plans are doomed to fail.

Doc Terminus was portrayed by comedian Jim Dale, most recently known for his work as the audiobook voice of the Harry Potter series.

Before we depart the wayward medicine sideshow, we should take pause to inspect the advertisements on the wagon stage. A Hearth Cure, worth its weight in 14K gold, the classic Snake Oil, and a Hair Restorer courtesy of O.U. Wish (Suddenly I feel like I’m over at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) can all be found here. On the back side, where the WORLD RENOWNED Doctor Terminus hangs his name, the proclamations include MIRACLE CURES and REMEDIES FOR INSTANT RELIEF. Considering the location of where Doc Terminus has chosen to set up the next line, where the medical cures come from, is a doozy: FROM ACROSS THE SEVEN SEAS

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melissa sue said...

YES! This is my all time favorite movie!