17 April 2012

Artists in residence

When you think of the words ‘Africa’ and ‘Walt Disney World,’ it is safe to assume that most of our thoughts venture to Harambe in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For some of us, those first thought may move towards the once planned and plotted World Showcase pavilion of Equatorial Africa. In modern day Epcot, the only nod to the Equatorial Africa pavilion is the Refreshment Outpost occupies the space between China and Germany where the pavilion was once slated to go in 1982.

Of course, just because the pavilion wasn’t built the early 1980’s, doesn’t mean that EPCOT Center did not bring in authentic entertainment choices from Africa. Let’s jump to the summer of 1983.
AFRICAN DANCERS -- The Cosaan African Dance Company will become artists in residence at Epcot Center May 29 – July 10. The company includes 21 performers from the West African nations of Mali, Nigeria, Upper Volta, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and the Ivory Coast.

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