22 April 2012

Disney This Week - 22 April 2012

Adventureland is a pretty popular place these days, huh? Stepping away from the orange and citrusy magic happening there, Richard Terpstra has a fantastic Adventureland shirt design to share at DesignerLand.

Studios Central and Matt Hochberg show off their keen eyes when they uncover this Who Framed Roger Rabbit gag.

AJ Wolfe reminds readers of The Disney Food Blog about the ability to tour the restaurants of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge for free.

A perfect complement to AJ’s article, Adam and Andrew have a photo tour of Sanaa for the Disney Hipster Blog.

James attempts to unravel the mystery of Nahtazu at This Happy Place.

Another affordable tour is covered by Suzannah DiMarzio when she takes Zannaland to The Land for Behind the Seeds.

Sarah Holodick fills us in on her lunch at Fulton’s for Eating WDW.

Continuing her thrifty eating series, Melissa Sue has Epcot options for budget minded diners at The Affordable Mouse.

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