06 October 2011

Tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki

We always see the art in the parks of Walt Disney World, from the statues peppered about Discovery Island to the classical designs of the structures of World Showcase, but how often do we really look at the art and stories that hang out around the resorts? Situated in the corner of the Polynesian, there’s a store that has brought an art form to life.Tikis are carved figures, masks or charm that were originally meant to represent a Polynesian god, though as there has been a resurgence in tiki admiration artists have also chosen to carve based upon original ideas and symbolism. At the Polynesian’s Boutiki, the figures have been put to work in various fields, including maintenance (sign hanging), advertising (drum playing on the corner), and stocking inventory (shelving). Of course, these tikis are not all work and no play. A pair of the more mischievous idols have taken to playing hide and seek.


Debbie V. said...

Looking forward to seeing these next month! (did I mention we were staying at the Polynesian?)

Rich T. said...

For my second trip to WDW (I'm a California DL guy), I've been leaning toward the Polynesian for my first-ever stay at an on-property resort. This article made it a definite! Thank you! :)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Debbie, have a great stay!

Rich, the Polynesian will definitely help make that first on-property memorable!