11 October 2011

Ladies' Local 321

When we talk about signs in and around Walt Disney World, thoughts eventually wind up in one of two places, those who consider the Wet Paint sign (featuring Donald Duck more often than Stitch) the pinnacle of signage and those who love the mouse-eared directional signs along the roads of the resort. Yet, there are some great signs rarely, if ever seen by guests.

Today’s step back was fabricated in the days of Walt Disney Productions for the Ladies’ Local 321, notice the labeling of Minnie Mouse’s toolbox? Obviously this posting was designed to be affixed to doors prior to a female Cast Member stepping into the men’s locker room to do some repairs. I am simply in love with Minnie decked out in overalls, she always has been a take charge kind of lady! However, I am very concerned for Donald’s health, if he takes a step back onto that slippery soap he made need a trip to the hospital!


Ellen said...

This is AWESOME! What a great find! Thank you for sharing!!!

Netmongrel said...

Love this!!