20 October 2011

Otium cum dignitate

A while back, we catalogued the restaurant signs of the Magic Kingdom. When that safari was published, I was asked if I would continue the series with the other parks. The readers’ wishes are my commands, so we’re back to tour through the dining destinations of Epcot.

The same standards of making sure the signs blend in with their surroundings still stands and can be seen in the harvest and farming motif of The Land’s restaurants or the crashing waves of the Coral Reef. Yet, there is an added element of localized culture when you venture into World Showcase. The values and principles of a given country and people can be very distinctive and a matter of national pride, which means getting these components, whether it is lettering, usage of color, or illustrated details, correct is a must.

Rather than keep talking about it, how about we go ahead and start the tour!


Ben in RI said...

Love this article. So many wonderful pictures! Keep up the good work.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Glad to be of service! We'll be headed to the Studios' restaurants soon!

Mr Toad fan said...

Gads...just looking at these snapshots makes me hungry!!!

I love the fact you included the Coke refreshment place, for my son and I, that is one of our MUST stops during a visit to Epcot.