27 October 2011

In space

At the International Space Training Center (ISTC), also known as Mission: SPACE, there is plenty to entice and excite guests about the possibilities and history of life beyond our own atmosphere. Quotes from astronauts, roving vehicles, and a model featuring lunar landing sites are just a few of the exhibits guests walk by, often without even realizing what they have missed.

In the final corridor, as guests approach their briefing bay, there is a line of unique plaques upon the walls. The plaques represent many of the firsts in space flight. Each plate includes a replication of the flight patch, the mission name, what the flight was known for, the event’s date, and who was aboard the historic mission. Most of the thirteen markers are historical fact, the last two, however, are where we venture into historical, or future, fiction. These plaques include the first family in space and the first X-2 deep space mission.

Whether fact or fiction, these tiles deserve a little bit of observation time, that is, if you have any to spare before your launch to Mars!

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Mr Toad fan said...

Glad you posted this! I've ridden this ride a few times and to be honest, I don't recall seeing these! I think I was too excited to get on the ride!! lol...