28 October 2011

Aboard the spaceship Nostromo

I apology ahead of time for the dark, grainy photo for this week’s entry, my camera doesn’t love dark rooms where it can be steadied by a tripod. I do hope, however, that once we divulge what we’re looking at, you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.This photograph was taken in the cargo hold area of the Nostromo, the first room of the Alien portion of the Great Movie Ride. It is off to the left of your moving theater seats, where there is a stack of crates. Placed atop the tallest column of crates are a Hawaiian shirt and a discarded beverage canister. These items belong to the Nostromo’s engineering assistant, Brett.

We pick up Alien in the middle of the film, the crew of the Nostromo has been attempting to track down and capture the newborn alien after their first encounter with it, the famous chest-bursting entrance of the creature. Brett is attempting to corral Jones, the crew’s feline companion. During his pursuit, he becomes the first crew member to come face-to-face with the fully grown alien, mere moments before his own demise. Returning to the items in the Nostromo’s cargo hold in the Great Movie Ride, though never seen taking off or without his trademark shirt, Brett is clearly the only character in Alien who would be caught dead (sorry, I couldn’t resist) in that shirt and he is known to leave drink cans lying around.

While guests aboard the Great Movie Ride will soon have their own run ins with the alien, the shirt homage is a great way to tie in to the creature’s first full-sized appearance on screen. It also stands as a silent notice to guests of the danger that lies ahead, long before that unforgettable siren and the voice of Mother (MU-TH-UR 6000) begin to shriek out their warnings.

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