24 October 2010

Disney This Week - 24 October 2010

Jamie Collins cracks the condiment code of Dinosaur at Only WDW.

Suzannah DiMarzio takes a moment to share some precious memories of her Disney dad with us. She also alerts ZannaLand readers to new scratch ‘n sniff Soarin’ shirts.

Greg Grimsley also has something to say about the father-child bond this week, as he flashes back to Disney-MGM Studios on The Disney Obsession.

Over at The Disney Food Blog, AJ discovers giant gummy bears in Germany. Let the hilarity ensue!

Studios Central offers up some great comparisons when Matt Hochberg examines the real world inspirations for the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

George Taylor pulls from the Imaginerding library to present the connection between Walt and flying.

The history of carrousels, especially the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, is uncovered by Gene Duncan and the Disney Parks Blog.

Just in time for Halloween, Fiona Doyle unearths a couple of tombstones from Boot Hill in Disneyland Paris on DF’82.

DisneyShawn excavates some Indiana Jones entertainment in Disneyland, Shawn Slater even finds a way to become part of the action.

Skipper Mike heads across a different river when he reminisces about his time spent of Tom Sawyer Island. You can read the Jungle is “101” articles here: Part I and Part II.

Progress City U.S.A. scribe, Michael Crawford, tours through Walt Disney World’s use of electric vehicles in 1979.

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