07 October 2010

Round trip super skyway tour

The retro-future view of Tomorrowland is filled with gears, over-sized bolts, sleek landmarks, and stylish curves. At night, the town of tomorrow is hoping, due in part to the LED and neon lighting that permeates the landscape. During the day, however, the metallic structures speak for themselves. Housing some of the most beloved attractions in the Magic Kingdom, obtaining photographs of the various structures in Tomorrowland can be a daunting task with the throngs of guests clogging the avenues. Of course, there is at least one way to capture images from all over the area with relative ease.

The opportunity for taking such pictures presents itself along the super skyway, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. From the action on the Speedway to the intricate machine-like details that hold the city together, the bird’s eye view of the PeopleMover affords photographers to catch a glimpse of construction, crowds, and feature that could otherwise be difficult to capture or utterly unattainable.

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