29 October 2010

Private investigations

When Disney-MGM Studios opened in 1989, Mickey and the gang were present, but the real stars of the new show would come from more recent properties. Throughout the park references and glimpses of The Rocketeer, Dick Tracy, and especially Roger Rabbit could be found. These days, aside from a couple of hand prints in front of the Great Movie Ride, the trio has mostly vanished from the face of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Then again, looking up into a second floor window around Echo Lake, and maybe Roger Rabbit hasn’t gone too far away.The gruff gumshoe from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, still maintains an office above the Hollywood and Vine restaurant. From the appearance of the windows, Roger hasn’t ventured too far away from his pal either.

The cutout of Roger breaking through the window refers to a gag from the film. In the film, however, Roger doesn’t bolt through the window belonging to Valiant, but instead through the office window of Maroon Studios’ head, R. K. Maroon. Still, it’s nice to see that Roger hasn’t lost his sense of comedic exits.

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Snow White Archive said...

I'd never noticed that before. The magic is in the little details at the parks.