20 July 2010

Part of the family

When looking through old Disney publications, sometimes it’s the items that you are not looking for that intrigue you the most. That is how I found this article.
It’s not really news, but William Windsor, Jr., his wife, Marty, and their two small sons, Jay and Lee, were the first family for Walt Disney World.

As the family from nearby Lakeland stepped through the turnstiles, they were greeted by Mickey Mouse and Disney Ambassador Debby Dane.

Day One for the Windsors was full of tours, important persons, and dozens of reporters and photographers.

But, Day One was not the only big day in the Windsor’s lives. They received a lifetime Silver Pass to Walt Disney World. So we hope to see them often in the days and years to come.

From the November 1971 installment of Eyes and Ears, the brief commentary speaks about the first family that stepped through the gates of the Magic Kingdom and their place in the history of Walt Disney World. The Windsors were a perfect fit to the image Walt Disney World sought to present. Not only were they the picturesque clean cut All-American family, they were also native Floridians. I can only imagine what that day was like for the Windsors, and I hope they have taken advantage of their Silver Passes, I know I would!

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