21 July 2010

The Official Unbirthday Tea

Coffee has been a rollercoaster topic for guests of Walt Disney World for years now. While the well designed coffees available for purchase have been a best buy, if only for their packaging, the cups of joe available around the resort have, for the most part, left tastebuds wanting. This, however, has never been a debate I have wandered into because, as it so happens, I am not a coffee drinker. Tea, on the other hand, is right up my alley. Recently, Wonderland Tea has been making its way home and into the tea pots of guests around the world.

I picked up a sample package during a trip to Walt Disney World earlier this year, and decided now is the best time to put together a review of the twelve teas available. To set the stage, or table as the case may be, I brewed all the teas according the hot instructions provided (see below), without additions (milk, sugar, etc.). In between each tea sampling I cleansed my palate with water.
My Way to Make Iced Teaby The Queen of Hearts: Don’t twiddle your fingers! Prepare tea as normal, but double the amount of tea. Once it is brewed, off with the heat! Refrigerate it until cold (curtsey while you’re refrigerating, it saves time). Serve over ice, sweeten if desired, then… let me have it!

How to Make Hot Tea (a.k.a. Uncold Tea)by The Mad Hatter: Start at the beginning (and when you come to the end… stop). Pour hot water over one tea bag in your cup and steep for 2 to 3 minutes (we recommend your clock be two days slow). Move down the table to get a clean cup.
Disney Wonderland Tea may have only been on the market for a short period of time, but the packaging claims that it was established in 1951, the year Alice in Wonderland was released. The packaging includes the name and type of the tea as well as the guidelines for preparing the teas. Let’s take a taste, shall we?

Hue: Light
Smell: Strong – Warm blueberry syrup
Taste: The first inclination is of a thick liquid, the aftertaste is where the blueberry flavor come through.

Hue: Medium
Smell: Medium – Warm spices, feels like the late autumn or winter
Taste: All the elements of chai are here, but the expected intensity level is lacking.

Hue: Medium
Smell: Medium – Wild flowers
Taste: The scent of flowers carries over to the taste by offering a subtle rose essence.

Hue: Dark
Smell: Mild – Earthy
Taste: The warm earth feel continues with a leafy bite.

Hue: Medium
Smell: Strong – Sweetened Vanilla
Taste: A creamy texturing of vanilla that comes and goes from the time it is sipped until swallowed.

Unfortunately, this tea was left out of the package I received (Mango was duplicated instead). I will update this article as soon as I can obtain a Jasmine sample.

Hue: Light
Smell: Medium – Buttercup
Taste: Naturally sweet, almost a floral bouquet, with a citrusy zest.

Hue: Dark
Smell: Medium – Roasted apples and peaches
Taste: The sensation of warm homemade fruit pies tends to come in waves.

Hue: Light
Smell: Medium – Ripe mangoes
Taste: The sweet mango smell dissipates quickly and is replaced by a bitter/sour tang.

Hue: Medium
Smell: Strong – Peppermint
Taste: The light taste of spearmint permeates and lingers in the mouth, throat, and sinus cavity.

Hue: Light
Smell: Light – No smell
Taste: A very mild infusion of tropical fruit flavors.

Hue: Dark
Smell: Light – No smell
Taste: The bitter bite of pomegranate is slightly overwhelming to the palate.


Ginger said...

Thanks for the review. I really like the Mad Tea Party blend and have been wondering how the other teas taste. I wish they made more as loose teas, I think I've only seen the Mad Tea Party in loose form.

Unknown said...

Given that you're such a tea fan, I think that you should review some of the teas they offer at the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Ginger, the loose teas are terrific. I think I have seen a few others loose (Jasmine comes to mind off hand), but I will take a look when I am down in a few weeks.

Alex, the Garden View Tea Room is definitely on my must check out list! In fact, on a recent visit I went to see the tea varities they offer, I just haven't made it inside yet...

bricesonc said...

I have to agree, the Mad Tea Party blend is AMAZING (in my opinion) I have however had a VERY difficult time finding it in loose leaf form, anywhere but in the Alice Tea Press Gift Set. Any ideas where I can get ahold of more?? Without purchasing the tea press? Thank you for the review!!

bricesonc said...
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