04 July 2010

Disney This Week - 4 July 2010

We’ve all been pinching pennies the past couple of years, and Jason Garcia of The Daily Disney shows us how Disney has saved money with some costuming conformity.

Dear George Savvas, is there any chance you could wrangle me a print of the Coffee With Walt photograph you featured this week at the Disney Parks Blog?

Staying at Disneyland for a moment, Dave showcases Guy Williams’ appearances at Disneyland as Zorro over at Daveland.

Only our good friend AJ could have found the brilliant Tigger vs. Tiger debate located on The Disney Food Blog.

John Frost made a lot of Tron fans very happy, and then very sad, with The Disney Blog revelation that five street legal Lightcycles have been produced, but at a cost of $35,000 each.

Zanna DiMarzio probably shouldn’t let me anywhere near the collection of Walt Disney World matchbooks she shared on Zannaland this week, some might go missing…

Toad Hall has a special place in the hearts of Disney enthusiasts, and Princess Fee explores the artwork Disneyland Paris restaurant in two parts at DF’82. Check out Part I and Part II.

Typhoon Lagoon has a very storied history, including the relatively recent addition of its spokesgator, Lagoona Gator. Shawn Slater relates the tail tale over at DisneyShawn.

In honor of the 4th of July, D23 unleashed Jim Fanning on the wonderful anecdotes of Johnny Tremain.

It is the hope of the entire Main Street Gazette family that each of you has a safe and festive Fourth of July!

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