11 February 2010

The great hall

The great hall
Ryan P. Wilson

There are many magnificent creatures that can be found along the trails of the Maharajah Jungle Trek, counted among these are the feathered friends of Asia that can be found in the aviary. Once the hunting lodge and grounds of the maharajah, the Royal Preserve was transformed into the Royal Forest and given to all people so that the wildlife could be protected. What was once the hunting lodge’s great hall is now the home to the plumed fellows of forest. And while the great hall is their larger home, the birds of the Maharajah Jungle Trek have smaller, similarly ornate, residences.


Anonymous said...

Those are SO awesome! I'm going to be there April 15-25th and I can't wait to see all this stuff myself!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,
Great pictures. I photographed these extensively as well. They are called spirit houses. They are believed to house spirits (good ones) to protect the owner of the residence.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Michelle, I'll just miss you as I'm heading home on April 11th.

Richard, thanks for the praise.

Prince, I appreciate the information and kind words.

AJ Wolfe said...

Ooh! I love this one. We were talking to an "interpreter" about the spirit houses one day, and were told that families who expand or build onto their own homes must also build onto their spirit homes lest the spirits decide to come and live with them in the bigger house! Yeep!