14 February 2010

Disney This Week - 14 February 2010

Disney This Week - 14 February 2010
Ryan P. Wilson

We’re going to start this week with a guest blogger, Amanda Tinney created a beautiful write up of the Grand Floridian’s Garden View Tea Room over at i.seeKissimmee. Meanwhile, back at her homepage, Disney Every Day, we are treated to a photo tour of the inspirational words found within The American Adventure’s Rotunda.

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, the key to enjoying Walt Disney World lies in guests’ ability to slow down. Tokyomagic!, over at Meet the World, presents us with the history of one of my favorite ways to slow down, the Rivers of America’s riverboats.

Most Disney enthusiasts won’t remember the 4’10” robotic ambassador of Future World, but George Taylor brought a wealth of memories back to me this week when Imaginerding reintroduced readers to GYRO.

futureprobe and its editorials on Epcot, then and now, often speak to what the masses are thinking. Looking at the history of computers and Epcot, Future Guy reminds us that technology, and our understanding of it, have come a long way.

Shawn Slater has a knack for presenting various design elements and stories from around Walt Disney World in a manageable and fascinating light. This week, he takes his DisneyShawn readers back to the Magic Kingdom’s first decade and the era of the ticket booths.

Growing up, there were two videos that I had to rent on almost every trip to the video store, Yellowstone Cubs and The Black Hole. So, when Eric Ditzian, of MTV Movies Blog, revealed a few tidbits about the upcoming remake of the Black Hole courtesy of TRON: Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski, I was more than a little excited.

As if I wasn’t saddened enough by the fact that I had no way to get to Florida for the Walt Disney World media event this past week, and only became more ill at the situation as so many wonderful experiences took shape, this little article by AJ put me over the top. Dinner: Impossible came to Walt Disney World, and I missed it! I cannot wait to see the Disney Food Blog article highlighting the food and the episode itself later this spring.

While I have yet to experience this Parc Disneyland, Paris dining establishment, recommended by Princess Fee, the delicious and delightful descriptions of Restaurant Hakuna Matata presented on DF’82 make it a dining destination I am sure to hit,… whenever I actually get to Parc Disneyland…


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