23 February 2010

Before the days of biometrics

Before the days of biometrics
Tony Caggiano

During a recent WDW Radio Show our own Ryan P. Wilson joined Lou Mongello on a trip back in time to 1986. During their journey the topic of annual passes came up, notably the older passes from back on the late 80’s and early 90’s. Back in those days, in a time before Disney’s implementation of the biometric finger scan, which measures the size and shape of the guests’ fingertip, annual passholders would actually have to go and have their photo taken in order to obtain their passes. These photos were then cut out, and glued onto the back of your annual pass. The idea was to make it difficult for people to illegally use the passes of others.

As a long time annual passholder, somewhere in the neighborhood of around 20 years or so, I was lucky enough to have possessed one of these vintage photo bearing annuals. As a Disney Geek, I have kept every annual pass that I have ever had. And, at the risk of exposing myself to the ridicule of my friends, I thought it would be fun to post a photo of one of these passes.This is my 1993 Annual Pass, in all its glory. I keep items like this, not only as a record of the Walt Disney World gone by, but also for the incredible memories they bring back to me every time I look at them. I remember the day I bought this very pass. It was at guest services over at Disney-MGM Studios. It was the first of several great vacations to be had during this passes “lifetime.”

While I understand that, as technology progresses there will be changes, I still miss the photo annual passes. I enjoy looking back at them, like a snapshot in time, to a day when I was not worried about anything other than the good times that were out there waiting for me and my new annual pass.

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Unknown said...

1993 was my first year visiting the World.... my wife dragged me there... ever since then, we have visited at least once a year...

I remember they even took your picture for the park hopper pass!!

- francis