21 February 2010

Disney This Week - 21 February 2010

Disney This Week - 21 February 2010
Ryan P. Wilson

Katie Siloac, of thedvclife, discusses Disney’s best kept secret, and weighs in on whether or not it is a secret at all.

A pleasure I am not sure I’ll ever be able to undertake, Sam Gennawey took readers of his SamLand’s Disney Adventures along with him on his D23 Tour of Archives and Studios. You can read his first thoughts and his longer editorial.

Lee Cockerell, a former Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World, gives us a glimpse into the ways that Cast Members are celebrated and how they can celebrate and create magic amongst themselves without going broke.

I don’t have a ton of time to watch television these days, but one show I love to catch is Dinner: Impossible. Chef Robert Irvine was at Walt Disney World last week and Zanna, who calls ZannaLand home, has a personal encounter with the chef, while AJ and the Disney Food Blog give us an insiders look into the meal his team prepared.

We all have, at one time or another, had a Disney crush and for young boys Mary Poppins has often filled that role. However, while she may not have tugged on Greg Grimsley’s heartstrings, the film itself has opened up a world of opportunities to The Disney Obsession’s scribe.

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about Tim Burton’s return to Disney. Michael Crawford uncovers some great promotional and photographical documentation of one of my favorite shorts of all time, Vincent, over at Progress City U.S.A.

Longtime Gazette readers are well aware of my love affair with the art of Christi Bunn. This week on My Disney Sketches she unveiled the work she is doing on a Japan collage. Now, who is going to order me one of these and a France collage to add to my walls?

There has been quite a bit of news on the Vinylmation front this week, starting with VinylNation’s look at Mardi Gras Vinylmation that will be in the next Holiday set. For me though, nothing trumped Steven Miller's, of the Disney Parks Blog, explanation of the design of the Muppet Vinylmations packaging, which is inspired by the MuppetVision 3D queue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Many Disney enthusiasts lament the loss of attractions like 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas or Horizons, but this week Lou Mongello explored the original Imagination Pavilion. Visitors to WDW Radio could, if briefly, remember what it was like to explore the earliest incarnation of the ImageWorks.

Weather vanes are some of the most overlooked, but beautiful details found in the Disney parks. This week, Princess Fee, and the readers of DF’82, showcased the weather vanes of Disneyland Paris’ Adventureland.

Finally, George Taylor opened up a discussion on Imaginerding as to what, exactly, is the best method to store Disney ephemera. I like the find George made, but what are your storage methods?


Greg said...

Thanks for the mention Ryan. I have few more ladies I'll be talking about in the weeks and months to come; culminating with one very special lady.

SamLand said...

I appreciate the mention Ryan. It was a great experience. From a design point of view, it feels so suburban. Considering when it was built, it was a very forward statement on what a workplace should feel like. I can see why Walt wanted to try his hand at a theme park and then the real world.

I have a final and third part popping up on the site on March 12.