18 February 2010

Ultra funny approved

Ultra funny approved
Ryan P. Wilson

The Muppets are not in show business, they are in the funny business. Unfortunately, just like every business, the Muppets have to contend with the rise and fall of consumer confidence. On occasion, they have had to look for other jobs, reinvent themselves, or go into a totally different line of work. Some of their more popular classifieds can be seen along the exit ramp from the MuppetVision 3-D theater.
The Joke’s on Me!
Fozzie Bear
Your Full-Service Funny Bear
His punchlines are punchier!
Ultra Funny Approved
No Joking! I Need A Job!
Call today and we’ll throw in a free rubber chicken!
Specializing in Slapstick, Window Cleaning and other odd jobs.

Frankie’s Formalwear
We make your special events specialer
“More Tux For Less Bucks”
Larger Formalwear for the Hard-To-Fit
Small Formalwear for the Hard-To-Find
Loud Formalwear for the Hard-To-Hear
Weird Formalwear for the Hard-To-Believe
Our Guarantee: “If you find formalwear that’s cheaper than ours, good for you!”

The Ricky Rat Show
Live! On Stage! In Person!
Ricky Sez: “Remember, Star spelled backward is Rats!”
As Seen On T.V.!
Ricky Sings All-Time Favorites: The Pest is Yet to Come, Rats Entertainment, When A Man Loves A Vermin!
Ricky Performs All-Time Classics: How the Pest Was Won, Rat On A Hot Tin Roof, Tail of Two Cities
Limited Engagement! Extended Third Big Month
For Tickets, Call 1-800-555-RATS

Gig Wanted!
Music For All Occasions!
Toe-Tapping! Hand-Clapping!
Ear-Slapping Tunes!
No Gig Too Big!
No Ball Too Small!
The Electric Mayhem

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