21 January 2010

Super highways

Super highways
Ryan P. Wilson

On Christmas Day in 1986, my sister and I opened up a pair of twin red fire engines from Hess. It was a hot commodity as, in those days, when the trucks went on sale on Thanksgiving morning you had to get to a Hess station early or you would be out of luck and without a truck. My sister and I pushed the fire trucks/banks to their limits, shredding tires and ladders alike until they hardly resembled the mighty trucks they had once been. When they began to lose their play value, my dad put the better looking truck away on the top shelf of his closet.From that moment on, he had a new tradition. Rather than continue to buy us trucks to dismantle, he began purchasing, or having one purchased for him as a gift, a truck each year and then storing it away in his closet. The boxes have gotten larger in size and quantity, and are only matched by the passion he has for the toys he never plays with!It was then with great excitement that I discovered today’s Photo Safari. Located at the Hess Express, most guests notice the giant atlas-type map covering the building, but very few take the time to peer through the clear strip that runs through the front-center of the building. Hidden behind this glass is a collection of various Hess Trucks from throughout the years. While the collection does not include all of the trucks, and remarkably does not include any from the trucks’ inception in 1964 and through the 1970s, it is a fantastic indication of the types of trucks featured over the years and the quality of the vehicles. Let’s take a look:

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Unknown said...

Just when did you find the time to sneak in and take pictures of all my truck? Love what you do becauce your so good at it!!