22 January 2010

Final boarding

Final Boarding
Ryan P. Wilson

With Space Mountain’s recent refurbishment, Walt Disney World enthusiasts were introduced to Starport Seven-Five. The clear reference here is to the year 1975, when Space Mountain opened. What may not be immediately apparent to guests who venture into Starport Seven-Five’s Final Boarding area, whether via the Alpha or Omega Lounge, is that there is actually a seven step process to the boarding and launch procedure.

Phase I: Rocket Arriving
Phase II: Prepare To Board
Phase III: Lower Gravity Bars
Phase IV: Secure Personal Cargo
Phase V: Check Invisible Oxygen Dome
Phase VI: Initiating Launch Sequence
Phase VII: Have A Pleasant Flight


Gator Chris said...

I love "Phase V: Check Invisible Oxygen Dome" --
It's details like that which put a smile on my face.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Chris, Lower Gravity Bars is pretty high on my list as well. I'm working on putting together an article on all the new maps and locations listed on each, coupled with the launch details, the new queue is a detail rich environment!